Winter 2006-2007

I got the 'Cuda November 2006. It took me few evenings to fix it for the registration inspection. I changed the rear tires, which were too wide, and replaced rear brake lines and hose. I also fixed some electrical problems, and installed new tie rod ends, idler arm, lower control arm bushings and lower ball joints.

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Wisconsin USA, August 2006


Quite bad looking girl, isn't it.


Rally Instruments and Pistol Grip. What else would one ask for.


Quite ugly and uncomfortable seats. These will be replaced pretty soon.


Picture of Leslie, a guy who sold me the car.



Kotka Harbor, Finland, November 2006


The attaching cables still in car.


Nice rear end. I always liked the round taillight cudas the best. Fortunately for me, they are also the cheapest ones.


360 Engine


I bought a new trunk lid, and installed 1970 style Go-Wing.


As you can see from the dirt, I already tried it out a little bit...

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