Project "Deathfish" Summer 2011

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Lot of things are happening for my 'Cuda this summer.

'Cuda was main article in Finnish car hobbyist magazine 'Spinneri Magazine'

I finally got Tremec TKO-600 transmission from Keisler Engineering. Also, I ordered set of fast-ratio steering components from Firm Feel.
I have a plan to try 'Cuda on track, so I also bought new set of brakes from Doctor Diff. Brake set is based on Mustang Cobra brake components and have 13 inch diameter on front and 11.7 inch back.
As it happens, new brakes do not fit into my current 15 inch wheels, so I 'had' to order a new set. 17 inch Boze Forged 'Hi-Octane' wheels with gun-metal gray centers and brushed aluminum lips.


Keisler provided cutting template for Tremec transmission swap


Floor cut, ready for new transmission


Tremec TKO-600 going in


FirmFeel Fast ratio pitman and idler arms went on along with heavy duty tie rod kit. I'm going to reinforce the CAP-autoproducts tubular UCAs, since I've heard that those have failed from welds.


Doctor Diff brake set ready to be installed.


New brakes look awesome with Boze wheels.

July 2011 Photoshoot, images by Tero Pelkonen



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